View Full Version : Xenon lamps for MagLites; brightest yet

Walt Welch
January 17, 1999, 01:02 PM
I am placing an order with Carley Lamps, the company who makes the lamps (I don't know why they call them that instead of bulbs) for MagLite. They have a new product, a lamp filled with xenon instead of krypton gas.

This yields a great increase in brightness, without much of a decrease in battery life, as the xenon lamps are more efficient. These xenon lamps are for alkaline C and D cells only.

3 D cell lamps are 4.3 spherical candlepower (sc), up from the 2.7 of krypton. 4 D cell xenon lamps yield 6.8 sc, up from the 4.6sc of krypton this is about a 50% increase in brightness! The amperage only goes from 0.7 to 0.79, so battery life will be minimally affected.

Also available are krypton lamps for NiCd rechargable batteries. These are really bright, but take their toll on battery life. A 3 D krypton lamp for NiCd's has 7.5 sc, and a 4 D lamp yields 12sc. This is as bright as any of the Li cell set ups (SurFire) that I have seen, but batteries only last about 90 min before recharging (and you have to use the HiCap 4500mAh ones from Radio Shack).

I posted this in a forum above, but thought this forum more appropriate. I am sending the order out tomorrow or the next day, so let me know what you want. No obligation of course. Price should be about $4 for the xenon, and $3.50 for the krypton, plus shipping to you. Keep bright and safe, Walt

E mail me with your requests, and include snail mail addy, please. Walt