View Full Version : AR-15 scope mount question

January 16, 1999, 06:19 AM
I've got a Busmaster AK Shorty ordered. I plan to mount an Aimpoint Comp XD red dot sight on this rifle. I want to have the option of using either the scope or iron sights at all times. I plan to use this rifle for defensive purposes and informal target shooting at ranges of 20 to 100yds.
Being new and totally unfamiliar w/ this type rifle, I would like experienced opinions on what scope mount would serve my needs the best.

............ bk40

4V50 Gary
January 16, 1999, 06:48 AM
While expensive, I'd consider the Aimpoint forward mount with Quick Release Mount. That way, you'll be freely able to choose between red dot or iron sights.

January 16, 1999, 03:50 PM
Actually, the Aimpoint Scout Mount is quite inexpensive ($65 or so) compared to the ARMS mount. Just add a GGG mount ring with the spare battery compartment and you're good to go.