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Rob Pincus
January 10, 1999, 11:38 PM
Scott has said that a prototype should be ready by SHOT show. for those of you unfamilar with the project, please see the "shoulder Holsters" thread for the background.

We have chosen Alan Folts to design the Knife for the prototype. The requirments were a blade between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, preferably with a Tanto point and costing less than $150.

Here are some sketches he submitted:

I'd be curious to hear what the forum thinks of these knives, I'll let you all in on my selection after you guys kick it around for a day or two.

Rich Lucibella
January 11, 1999, 08:28 AM
1 or 2 for combination of handle ergonomics and blade design. Why the tanto point requirement?

I think Alan will do you right in any case. He's a knowledgeable guy. Have you considered the Mad Dog Lab Rat or Rat Thing or is the price too high? Pix available at http://www.mdenterprise.com/toppage1.htm .

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Rob Pincus
January 11, 1999, 01:59 PM
I'm ordering a Mad Dog Micro Mirage-X soon (after testing the one so generously supplied by you, Rich.. and being thoroughly impressed).
I figure that's enough money in Kevin's coffers for now...

The Mirage-X lines unique non-magnetic properties keep them from being the right tool for this job. Such a knife would be wasted next to a big hunk of metal. I don't want to expose such a knife to the chances of being damaged, lost, used and taken into evidence, etc.... unless it is serving its intended role.

Seems like the other MD knives were a little on the large side anyway.

As far as the Tanto Point.. well, I think they look cool and I like the idea of a strong tip, from what I understand the Tanto design gives av very strong blade point.


January 11, 1999, 03:27 PM
Rob, good choice on knife makers, Alan Folts is a great maker, and a good friend of mine.

I agree, knife 1 or knife 2. May way to ask scott to make you a neck sheath for the knife also. I just got done with a Tanto bladed knife about that size that Alan helped me grind and I've been wearing it ever since, even when I cant take a gun with me. TN legal blade lenght is 4 inches so your fine there. Just a thought.


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Rob Pincus
January 11, 1999, 11:42 PM
I feel complimented that the two of you, who know a lot more about knives than I do, both picked the knife that I did.

I chose #2, with the exposed tang at the pommel. I also thought the tip looked stronger on #2, given that the false edge does not run all the way to the End.

alan jumped right on the work Sunday, since he knows that Scott is trying to get a holster together in the next three weeks.

The tang will be drilled, kind alike Knife #5, but the scales will not be. The entire knife will be bead blasted.

Any further input will be appreciated.


Scott Evans
January 12, 1999, 11:44 AM
Alan has informed me that the knife is cut, ground and ready to be heat treated. He should have it to me around the 18th or 19th completed(maybe sooner). If so I may have your rig finished by the 22nd (That is my goal anyway). I will post a photo of the Knife when I get it so as to enhance your anticipation.