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January 11, 1999, 02:27 PM
Another Tasco Fiasco (Consumer Alert)

Hi Folks,

Please be advised that Tasco has poor Customer Service, and that the rings
they supply with their ProPoint Red-Dot sights are of very poor quality,
badly designed and often defective.

I received a Tasco ProPoint PDP3 for Christmas, in the kit that comes with
the haze filter, polarizer, and "weaver style" rings. The rings are
defective, and it is taking weeks and weeks to get replacements from Tasco
(if I ever get them).

The rings are made of a very _very_ light aluminum, and are not especially
rigid or strong. But if they were to close and tighten securely they seem
like they might be strong enough, under tension, to perform their designed

But the screw holes were very poorly machined, and the allen head screws
were poorly made as well. I have only seen quality this low coming out of
China, so I presume that is where these were made. (Although I have seen
some similar quality products labeled "Made in Indonesia", they are not
usually metals such as these.) Also they do not come even close to "closing"
when tightened onto the sight. My allen screws would barely thread in one
ring, and the other ring had virtually no threads, and was useless.

Also the rings don't mount centered in the official Weaver brand base I
bought. Your ProPoint ends up 1 cm to the left of center. Tasco is aware of
this problem, but don't care and won't do anything to resolve it. They tell
you that you can buy a different base, if you don't like how their rings fit
on a official Weaver brand base. They even (bait and switch) advise you to
try one of their bases. Isn't that illegal, Tasco?

When I originally called Tasco Customer Service, I spoke to some one who
claimed their name was Carletta, who as soon as I said I had some bad rings,
immediately said she would mail me out a new set, and they should be here in
about a week. Sounds like they get a lot of these calls, eh?

I waited a full two weeks after I called, and called back. After 20 minutes
on hold (at least it was an 800 number I found online, and not the toll
number they supply with the sight!), I was connected to a gentleman (who I
will not name, because toward the end at least he was honest - which I'm
sure would get him fired!), who told me, "Oh, yes, here's your order, it's
just about ready to ship."

"About ready to ship?" I exclaimed, "What does that mean? I called two weeks
ago, why haven't they shipped yet?"

He explained that they just put these kinds of orders "into the machine",
and they supposedly get shipped in the order they were put in, but they
really have no idea when they might ship. When I asked him about his
statement that my order was "about to ship", he frustratedly explained that
they really have _no idea_ when the items are going to ship, and that he was
"just hoping" mine was going to ship soon.

And he was the one who admitted that the Tasco rings don't fit centered on
real weaver bases, that this is a constant complaint, but claimed that Tasco
says "it won't really matter", and said that "many, many other people" have
complained about the same things, and that Tasco has decided it isn't going
to do anything about it. Buying other rings, and buying a Tasco base are the
solutions Tasco offers for their defective, badly designed mounting

So, while I thought the Tasco ProPoints offered a good value, I can't feel
good supporting a company with a attitude like this about quality and
customer service.

What about you?

January 11, 1999, 03:18 PM
Sounds like Tasco Pro Point ISNT really a good value when you get down to it.

Thanks for posting this.


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Rich Lucibella
January 11, 1999, 04:01 PM
Fair complaint, as far as I'm concerned. If you want to do Tasco a favor, email them the URL of your post.

If they have any brains they might realize how many people a dissatisfied customer will notify....TFL gets more than 500 different ISP hits per day....and we're all shooters.


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January 11, 1999, 06:22 PM
I've got a PDP5 on my Bushmaster, using the weaver mount rings that were supplied with it. The scope works great, the rings fit as they were supposed to. Maybe I was lucky, I'm satisfied with the product.

January 12, 1999, 03:17 AM
Thanks for the counterpoint motorep! I wonder if this is a "new" thing? The people that have owned their Tasco's for a while seem surprised, but from some recent purchasers I'm getting "Me too!" style messages. Not all about the rings, but some, and mostly about "terrible" customer service. Have you had yours long?

And the complacency of the "average American" for incompetence and shoddy workmanship drives me bonkers, anyway! If it's Evil, just Don't Touch It! :)