View Full Version : Black Hawk equipment

Dakota Law Dog
December 27, 1998, 06:16 PM
Is this company online, and do they have an address...

December 27, 1998, 07:22 PM
Yes they are, at:


Hope this helps!

Scott Evans
December 27, 1998, 07:43 PM
BlackHawk is top quality gear :)

December 28, 1998, 01:18 PM
Have you guys noticed that Blackhawk makes gear VERY similar to Eagle?

Mike Baugh
December 28, 1998, 02:59 PM
I think Blackhawk makes excellent gear . Now for the down side , I have had an Executive Protection holster , belt , mag pouches and a Discreet Weapons Carry case for an AR on order since 10/20 , I have called several times and the last time they said they had a big Government contract they are working on and I will not see my stuff until that is filled . The best estimate they can give me is the middle of February . I could understand if these were custom configured items but they are all from their catalog . I just think 4 months is a little long to wait . They did have my Surefire holster and CamelBak in stock . Thanks for letting me vent , Mike...

December 28, 1998, 07:55 PM
Blackhawk is a top-notch manufacturer of tactical gear. I admit I'm a bit biased towards Eagle, http://www.eagleindustries.com , but I have several bits of Blackhawk kit that are great.

December 29, 1998, 11:43 AM
I am biased towards Eagle myself only because I remember some items of gear they came out with first and then exact copies from Blackhawk. For example the Becker Patrol Pack. Eagle was the first, then Blackhawk came out with a patrol pack that was exactly the same. Suspicious, but I talked to the president of Eagle about it at the '97 SHOT Show and he didn't want to make a federal case out of it. Caracci was also working the booth and said that they were just using the 'SEAL' name to promote their products. A quality product is a quality product no matter where it comes from or who designed it first but this smells funny to me.