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December 20, 1998, 05:55 PM
I've long been a fan of Alessi ankle holsters (I carry a Glock 27 in one frequently), and know his work to be of
top quality. When Lou suggested I try out his new design, I figured I had little to lose. The CQC/S is an open top mid ride with muzzle rearward cant and a reinforced welt for easy reholstering. The key feature of my test model was the pair of snaps built into the dual offset belt loops at the fore and aft of the holster. It rides like a pancake, and is meant to fill the niche of an easy on/off paddle without the problems with paddles breaking, bending, snapping, or sliding off one's pants.

The holster was extremely well made, formed from glossy black leather boned tightly and hand stitched for a Glock 27, 1.5" belt loops. The holster was very tight at first, but an application of Mitch Rosen Leather Lightning leather surface treatment to the inside of the rig slicked things right up. Holstering and presentations were smooth, and the belt loops held the holster securely during use.

I was skeptical at first, but found the holster to be very comfortable and easily concealable under only a t-shirt. The cant of the holster makes the butt of my Glock 27 hide much better than the faster drawing straight drop holsters. The offset belt loops of the holster allow it to ride as close to the body as an inside pants rig. I hate having a gun stuffed inside my pants, and
this rig has been the substitute when that mode of carry has been necessary. The snaps work as advertised, making the holster easy to attach/detach from an old Strong 1.5" belt and my despicable Kramer "leaks black dye" horsehide 1.5" belt.

The major disadvantage of this holster is that, like a pancake style, its offset loops occupy a large amount of belt space. I'm small, and that's a big deal to me. There are times when this holster will work for me, but most of the time I need the belt space more than the concealment or easy on/off. Lastly, leather creaks!

The CQC/S is a neat, well made rig, and I'll keep it around in the "use" drawer for times when I just need an open top rig for under a light shirt. Goodness knows the "don't use" drawer is very full. The CQC is also available with rigid (no snaps) loops, and he's working on thumb break designs too. Give Lou a call, tell him I sent you. If you don't get a CQC/S, then get one of his ankle rigs. It's Christmas, after all.

Scott Evans
December 22, 1998, 11:59 PM
Do you have any contact information ? If so please post.


chris in mo
December 26, 1998, 03:40 PM
Hey guys. Lou Alessi has been posting regularly to the ccw board at shooters.com. He uses the handle LFA. He seems to be a great guy. He can be contacted at [email protected] He has a catalog that is put out by one of his distributors that he has sent out to many of us on that board. HIs numner at his shop is (716) 691-5615 if you know what holster you want.

I've heard great things about his holsters from others on the board who have ordered them. One of the guys normally carried IWB but said the CQC carries the gun just as close as his IWB holsters.


Rob Pincus
December 26, 1998, 04:08 PM

Is the design a one-size-fits-all for Glocks? In other words, is the bottom end open, so that a 17,18,19,22,23,24,34 or 35 will all fit in the holster designed for he 27/26 ??