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December 1, 1998, 06:44 PM
I've never used a Kydex holster - anyone with experience with both leather and Kydex who can give me the scoop?

December 1, 1998, 07:13 PM
Kydex doesn't creak. I took my 10 year old daughter to the movies last weekend, I thought everyone in the theater knew what that creaking sound was every time I moved, but not even a curious glance.
Kydex releases the gun more quickly. I guess this depends on the holster, but once it releases the gun there's no more drag. Leather seems to drag until the front sight is clear.
Leather is more comfortable for me.I spend most of my day driving, Kydex doesn't give, period.

December 2, 1998, 12:18 AM
I like them both. Leather does seem a tad more...with you, but it has nothign compared to the way kydex feels on a draw...kydex is really quick in that respect. I have a high ride holster for my HK USPC that I have been very happy with, it does not creak, nor make any other noises that I've found... It DOES however make more noise when drawing the weapon. I can wear my kydex holster all day long with no problems. As can I with leather.
Kydex also retains the weapon with the mold, rather than..say a thumb strap. I have a open top leather holster which retains my weapon perfectly, but it is not as fast to draw from, IMHO. Also Kydex is less bulky.
Leather is more classy. You can wear a well made leather holster for days on end and be happy about it. You can go round and round on it...I like them both :)


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December 4, 1998, 02:42 AM
I started with leather.. Galco to be exact. But it wasn't long before I went head over heels for Kydex. Kydex can be thinner than leather and still retain its shape. Kydex can't degrade from the elements or sweat like leather.

Of course, Kydex isn't flexible like leather, which creates a minor design problem sometimes. Kydex also retains perspiration. It itches and it irritates when it comes in contact with my skin for too long.

I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression that leather is bad. Kydex is merely a preference for me.

December 4, 1998, 10:11 AM
Thanks, guys. Now, what brand of Kydex holster do you use or recommend, and why? I'm considering trying one for a USP40.

December 4, 1998, 04:59 PM
I feel like I didnt say enough good about leather, so here's one other thing...Leather will break into your gun, Kydex doesnt move. So assuming the kydex holsteris well made...no problem, but if its a tad off...its going to be a tad off for a long long time.

Mad Dog makes good holsters...
As well as Edge Works, I know several people who have dealt with Edge works very succesfully, as well as a custom knife maker who has them do all of his sheaths now.
<A HREF="http://www.tacticalholsters.com/">http://www.tacticalholsters.com/</A>

There are also other places out there...just a matter of who you like :)


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December 5, 1998, 10:50 PM
I've tried most major brands & types of holsters out there, such as Safariland, Bianchi, Galco, Uncle Mikes, and various custom makes, in leather, nylon, and Kydex. I currently have a set of Mad Dog's Kydex holsters for the G20 and OM, both for the guns and the mags. No complaints here. I was at first a little leery of the characteristic retention bump intruding into the trigger guard, but after much scrutiny, have come to the conclusion that my copies are very well made and safe.

December 7, 1998, 10:11 AM
Thank you all for the info. I think I'll be trying a Mad Dog holster soon, based on what you've said. I should be getting a FIST leather holster in the next few days, but perhaps I can convince Santa (bless her) that I need two holsters for "evaluation" purposes. I have to be ready for when we finally move somewhere where I can get a permit!

December 8, 1998, 09:10 PM
Morgan- not to change your topic, but you live in the Denver area, right? Unless you live in City/County of Denver or Arapahoe County, permits are readily available. Oh, add Arvada and Lakewood, too.

December 9, 1998, 10:30 AM
Motorep - unfortunately, I live in The People's Republic of Denver, and probably will for about another year.

Does Adams county grant permits? Or would the city have to do it?

December 9, 1998, 07:40 PM
Morgan- Adams county does issue,as do Jefferson,Douglas,El Paso,City of Boulder, etc.