View Full Version : S&W Dymondwood grips still alive?

Richard Padgett
December 1, 1998, 04:10 AM
Does S&W still make the Dymondwood grips? I'm looking for some nice wood
boot-style grips for my m642. Rosewood, or whatever (just not Walnut) Is
there a web page for the dymondwood grips? I couldn't find anything on the
S&W web site.

Baring that, on page 64 of the Shooting Times "Handgun Buyer's Guide '99"
there is a pic of some gorgeous grips on a 642. Anyone know where they came
from? Are they Ajax Cherrywood? thx

Rick P

December 2, 1998, 12:28 AM
Houge would probly be your best bet...
<A HREF="http://www.getgrip.com">http://www.getgrip.com</A>

It wont have the little S&W logo, but they make real nice grips.

Maby someone else knows if Smith offeres them?


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Richard Padgett
December 2, 1998, 03:12 AM
Just got word from S&W today that they have discontinued the Dymondwood grips line. Some are still available though. The problem with teh Hogue line is that they don't really make a "two-fingered" Boot-style grip. I'll have to check out Ajax to see if they can help me out. Oh well...

thx, rp