View Full Version : New Bladetech holster?

November 15, 1998, 01:56 AM
I think Bladetech came out with a new IWB holster with J-hooks instead of rubber flaps. Anyone have any experience or comments in general about this?

Rosco Benson
November 15, 1998, 09:26 AM
The "J-hook" concept isn't new. I first recall seeing it in an old Rogers (pre-Safariland acquisition) IWB rig. Wilson is offering a holster that is very similar to the old Rogers design as well. Hoffner's uses a similar arrangement on their kydex IWB (the Hoffner's IWB is cheap and amatuerish looking, but works very well.

The advantages offered by the J-hook arrangement is easy on/off (without having to unthread one's belt), good security agaist the holster coming out with the pistol, and a thinner cross section than most other arrangements.

I have an earlier Blade-Tech IWB that I am going to send back to them to have j-hooks fitted. They expressed a willingness to do so some time back, but I've just been too busy/lazy to send it back.


Rosco Benson
December 1, 1998, 09:27 AM
I sent my IWB back to Blade-Tech to have them retrofit it with the J-hooks. In just a few days, they returned my old holster with a note saying that it was an earlier style that did not lend itself to the retrofit along with a new, current-production IWB with the J-hook belt attachment. All they charged me for was the cost of the J-hook I had requested ($7.95). Once again, Blade-Tech has shown exceptional customer service!

The new holster works nicely. It has cleaner "lines" than the early holster and the attachment mode for the J-hooks (or straps) is cleaner and results in a thinner profile.

Speaking of J-hooks, I recently saw an ad wherein Galco is offering a J-hook belt interface on some of their IWB holsters. One thing about Galco, if they see something desireable on the market, they waste no time in "appropriating" that feature for their product line.


December 2, 1998, 01:45 AM
One thing I'm curious about is whether or not the hooks are enough to hold the holster in place. Please let me know how your new holster is working out for you. :)