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Byron Quick
November 13, 1998, 07:45 PM
Does anyone know where I can obtain a scope cheekpiece for a HK91? Not an HK one. The one's in their catalog look awkward and expensive. I once had one made of hard rubber that slipped over the buttstock and had inserts that fit the holes on each side of the buttstock.

November 20, 1998, 05:23 PM
Sorry for the late response.

I forgot the company that made those, but the company is out of business now.

November 21, 1998, 10:21 AM
Third Oct issue SGN has ad from CFI on HK cheek piece for $30.00. Piece made by American Made Stocks (formerly Stock options).
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4V50 Gary
November 23, 1998, 08:22 PM

Bushmaster sells a rubber cheekpiece for about $20. Check out their website which is linked to this one via our link to AR15.com.


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Byron Quick
November 26, 1998, 02:12 AM
Thanks, folks!!