View Full Version : attn Walther fans

Mike in VA
November 4, 1998, 03:46 PM
I wuz cruisin' the web and I stopped in at the Interarms homepage [www.interarms.com] and lo & behold they have a Special of the Month, which turns out to be checkered wood grips for the PPK/S & PP for $12. They have them in zebrawood, walnut, rosewood, and blondewood. They also had a pretty nice Walther baseball cap for 9.95. If you'd like to dress up your piece or need a stocking stuffer, might be worth a look. Ho ho ho, M2

4V50 Gary
November 5, 1998, 12:01 AM
Thanks, I'm going to have to check that out.

November 12, 1998, 10:22 PM
That goes double for me, as I need a set to replace the plastic ones on the PPK/S .22lr that I found hidden in a corner of one of the vaults. (I've an obvious affinity to firearms chambered for this cartridge...)

Mike in VA
November 13, 1998, 08:32 AM
Mine came last night. I went for the rosewood. I was a little disappointed in the color, I expected darker, more of a wine color, what arrived was more brownish. The fit and finish, however, is just fine, and they look good on. Heckuva deal for $12. M2