View Full Version : Support gear/parts for the M15

Dale Rabideau
November 4, 1998, 11:51 AM
I am a newbie and starting from scratch. I will be buying an Armalite M15A4 carbine for personal defense and plinking. It comes with a 7 round mag, cleaning rod, sling, and owner's manual. I have read with interest the discussions on iron sights and scopes.

I want to know what extra gear and replacement parts you would want if spare parts were not available for up to six months.

I plan to get professional training. Any book recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Jeff White
November 4, 1998, 07:46 PM
You're more likely to lose a part then break one. Firing pins, cam pins and firing pin retaining pins are usually what my soldiers manage to lose performing maintenance in the field. I'd recommend one of each if your that worried about spare parts.

As for books, FM 23-9 dtd July 1989 covers the M16A1 and A2 rifles. It has a lot of information on zeroing, ballistics etc. Check the local gunshows, usually someone has them for sale for about $5.00. Also get a copy of TM 9-1005-319-23&P Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual for the M16A2 and M4 Carbine. It has exploded views and detailed instructions on assembly and disassembly of your rifle. For weapons handling I'd recommend "The Urban Carbine, Part of the Solution" by Jim Crews. For the history and development of the AR15/M16 "The Black Rifle" by Edward C Ezell.