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Rich Lucibella
November 2, 1998, 01:25 PM
OK...I know what you're all thinking: "Say it ain't true". But I do own one. It's a neat toy from Lasertrace that sends a brief laser pulse at the sound of hammer on empty chamber.

I bought it as an ideal aid in dry fire practice but have not used it due to the lack of holsters for Commanders with under-barrel lasers. Does anyone know where I might find one?...nothing fancy as it's not a carry weapon.

November 2, 1998, 02:58 PM
Two things...

One...Where did you find this thing? I saw something similar a while back where you set up a target and put a dummy shell looking deal in the chamber...you pull the trigger and the hammer smacks the back of the dummy shell sending a lazer pulse and if you hit the target it sets it off. I've been kicking myself for not getting one.

Second....why not just make one out of kydex or conceal x? This is not a hard thing. I made a holster from conceal x, 2nd thing I ever made out of it...and it turned out great...I have been carring in the holster for a while now.

just my $.03 (inflation)

Rich Lucibella
November 2, 1998, 06:11 PM
It's produced by LaserAce, a now defunct Florida company....and you didn't miss anything. I pulled it outta the vault after starting this thread and the circuit board's amessed up... goes to full on when it should be on pulse. need to pull the batteries to reset.

I've had it about 2 years, but used it less than 1/2 dozen times.

Rob Pincus
November 2, 1998, 06:33 PM
So this is put out by the same company as does the replacement barrels??

For the benefit of everyone who missed out on the Emails I sent you, Rich:

At the 1997 SHOT Show I gave almost a $1000 to a shyster from Texas who was representing "Laser Ace" (I still haev the invoice). His name was Charles somthing or other. This was for a replacement Glock 23 barrel with an internal laser, a timing system, and a reactive target. I got nothing.
I found out that the company had changed hands, that Charles had allegedly stole a bunch of money and I finally got in touch with a guy named Richard Carpenter. This guy told me he would have a "new and improved" version to me in a couple of weeks that I could have even though it was worth more than I had paid, I think he was even going to throw in an extra sig barrel. That was about a year ago.No new and Improved system, no money, no nothing.

I advise you all to steer clear of LaserAce.

So, Rich, my question: Is your LaserTRACE a system sold by LaserACE ?? Because the systems I saw were all internal replacement barrels, not externally mounted lasers.

Rich Lucibella
November 2, 1998, 08:34 PM
The unit says LaserTrace, but the paperwork says LaserAce (somewhere in Florida). After receiving your email I was really disgusted. I'll try to find the company tomorrow, but I don't have high hopes.

This is a clamp-to-the-forward-trigger-guard, under barrel unit.

November 2, 1998, 09:37 PM
but I just wanna shoot in the house.... http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Rob Pincus
November 2, 1998, 10:18 PM
Just so every one can watch out for these guys the last piece of paperwork I recieved from them has the folowing info:
LASER ACE 12818 Century Drive Stafford TX
836 N.E. 20th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I believe that I eventually spoke to that Richard Carpenter who talked like he owned the company at the following number:
1-713-541-6732(which is a texas area code)

Good Luck.

Rich Lucibella
November 2, 1998, 10:40 PM
Big Book currently has a company named LaserAce at:
6118 Aletha Lane
Houston, TX 77081
(281) 277-2200
The number has been disconnected.

No Laser Ace in FL or TX. Hmmm- get the idea these guys may just be working the seasonal gun shows from area to area? Four addresses in two years is a bit suspicious.

Rob Pincus
November 2, 1998, 10:51 PM
One of their distributors was at the D.U. Great Outdoors Festival this past June. I appraoched him about the welfare of the company and eventually got him to admit that he had only been a distrubotr for them for a few months. He seemed like a good guy, so I told him my sotry, he was definitely not happy, I gave him my number and told him to call me if he heard anything. I never heard from him, chances are he swept it under the rug and is either living in denial or figures that was the "old" company and not his problem.

LaserACE/TRACE were not at last years SHOT show, but, I'll be looking for them this year. In fact, I thought aout having a buddy from NSSF looke to see if they are signed up and have him call them about a "problem" they have heard about before they confirm they're reservation.

Rich Lucibella
November 4, 1998, 12:45 PM
Please keep me posted on this.

Rob Pincus
November 4, 1998, 01:01 PM
The guy I originally gave the money to (and who supposedly kept it..) was Charles Dearien. He was out of Texas. Now I am getting fired up about it. I will probably call next week.