View Full Version : Sight alignment prob with Official Police

June 23, 2005, 09:15 PM
I have a colt Official Police Post 1945 model with slanted sight. I was looking at it and the sight looked a little tilted to the right. I took a writing pin out of my pocket and layed it on top of the frame up to the sight and the sight is definately tilted to the right a little. I can't tell if it is the sight itself or if it is the barrel that is screwed too far in. Is this an easy problem to correct?

June 23, 2005, 10:20 PM
I would take to a smith though to solve it if you actually have a problem.

Have you actually shot the revolver? The previous owner may have had the sight bent to help with accuracy. If not, it may have been bent which can be easily solved with a vise. Usually if the barrel needs to be turned, the blade will be offcenter and not bent, but there are times when a bend can cure this if the barrel isn't quite indexed up. Either way, a smith would have the barrel vise and action wrench to index the barrel with.

June 23, 2005, 11:12 PM
well, I just noticed another problem. a lot of times when I put the cylinder back into place, the lock that holds it in place doesn't snap back in place all the time unless I really slam the cylinder in (not abusively by whacking it or "bogarting" it but giving it an agressive slam with my fingers.) I often have to touch it or push it for it to lock back into place. Once it's in place either with the cylinder in place or out it moves back and forth with the spring fine.

June 23, 2005, 11:45 PM
Sounds like your Official Police has problems.

The cylinder failing to latch in place is a classic sign of a bent cylinder crane.

Along with the barrel being either mis-indexed, or the front sight bent, you might want to send this one in to Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters, in Pittsburgh.

I'm not sure Colt will still work on the Official Police guns, but Pittsburgh does, and they do factory-level work.

Dave Sample
June 24, 2005, 12:15 PM
Right on with the bent crane, as Colt revolvers of this kind made S&W's the back up guns for most Cops who were in the know. The small Colts were a favorite of detectives who did not get in many scuflles on the Street. They simply were not a very tough little gun. Good luck on getting this one back in shape. It will take a very special smith to fix this little baby!