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Rich Lucibella
October 13, 1998, 09:50 AM
This one's posted for a buddy of mine in AZ who doesn't have internet access:

What are the best products/prices out there for timers? Is Pact still the industry standard? The unit he's looking for must:
-record split times
-have random start buzzer capability
-have the capability to program a start/stop buzzer time (eg: 1.5 seconds from start to stop buzzers)....this is real helpful for dry fire exercises.

October 29, 1998, 09:30 PM
I've been using the Pact club timers for almost 10 years, our club has 5 and I have one of the new, ergonomically shaped ones. They'll meet your criteria and the price is good. I've had only one go down since the initial purchase, Pact had it back within a week, no charge.

Rich Lucibella
October 29, 1998, 10:19 PM
Welcome to The Firing Line.

Thanks for the reply...at long last http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/smile.gif. I use the Pact Pro(?). Any leads on the best place to buy? A HotBot search didn't do much good.
Rich Lucibella

October 29, 1998, 10:27 PM
I've always dealt direct with Pact. When I tell them that the purchase is for a club, they always seem to upgrade at no charge- par time, case, etc. It's always been a pleasure to deal with them.