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June 23, 2005, 05:33 PM
This is by way of introducing a new group, a new Internet Presence, and a Completely new form of firearms competition, where anyone can compete against everyone in the nation, and have their scores judged and published, without having to ever leave town or travel farther than their local outdoor range. ASSA is an organization created exclusively for those hunters, target shooters, and professionals who are shotgun slug shooters. Not Riflemen, Not Pistoleros, Not PaintBall players. All fine people, of course, but they already have their Clubs, their Events, and their Competitions. This is just for the SlugShooters. Everyone "behind the scenes" here has a long term attachment to slug shooting, slug guns, and the challenge of extracting the greatest possible degree of accuracy from both the guns and the shells used in them. We all know its not easy, but we also know we can beat lots of the rifle guys most of the time. With the creation of this site and the organization operating it, we are working toward bringing all the practitioners of this unique shooting discipline into contact with one another. We have seen that in general SlugShooters (That's Us Too) are not found in great numbers in any one geographic area of the country, and indeed may find themselves to be the only ones at their local gun club or shooting range who are really pursuing this sport on a year round basis. Sure, all the members of your club or your hunting buddies take an interest in your sport during the shotguns-only deer season, but the rest of the year you, and we, are generally doing our tests and our practice shooting alone. To address that issue, and to make it possible for you, the SlugShooter, to finally have a broad base of like-minded sportsmen to interact with, to compare notes, and to improve the sport, we have set up this site exclusively for you. Now you can contact SlugShooters from all over the country, see what their experiences have been with the sport, and discover what a variety of people have chosen to become involved with it. As a member of American Slugshooters Association, ASSA, you can now become a part of a growing group of like-minded individuals whose passion is for the heavy shot with the pinpoint accuracy out to 100 yards and beyond. If you choose to become a Competition Member, you can participate in a monthly contest against members nationwide, to see how you stack up against the best in the sport. Membership is inexpensive, and competition requires no big travel expense either. As long as there is a shooting range or gun club in your area that can verify your results, you can compete with everyone in the nation who joins in, and we'll publish the results on this site every month, along with the guns and ammo that were used to be the winner. We invite you to join us today. Please go to the Membership pages to learn more about it, and take a peek at the Competition Rules as well. We think you'll want to sign up today! American Slugshooters Association Supports our Troops
Supports Law Enforcement
Honors the "343" NYFD
9/11/01 - Never Forget, Never Forgive
* American Slug Shooting Association * PO Box 321 * White Marsh, Maryland * US * 21162 *
Here is the link for American SlugShooting Association www.slugshooting.com

June 24, 2005, 12:17 AM

I wish you all the best. I stopped all formal competition years ago.

Slugs are my most favorite load for shotguns. I shoot clays thrown from traps,to emulate stations High 1 and Low 7, lob slugs to bust rocks w-a-y out yonder, keep backing up to shoot steels , chase tennis balls, and bust eggs. I like to do this with stock smoothbore shotguns, front bead sight, maybe a mid bead...maybe no bead at all, plain old lead slugs. Any guage, something about the lowly .410 single shot - sure is fun though!

I went 5/5 busting clay targets suspended by a coat hanger at 50 steps-with a single shot .410 and slugs- that rate me as fair or what?

I warmed up chasing a gallon paint can first... :p


July 12, 2005, 12:37 PM
I'm guessing you quit "formal" competition because of the hassle to have to do the travelling, get the registrations, show up on time and at the right place, wait your turn all damned day long, etc.
The beauty part of the ASSA National Competitions is there is no travel requirement, no waiting for every other category of shooter to get done, none of the head to head competition with a pack of in-your-face characters.
Just you, your best gun and ammo guess, and the fellow operating the shooting range up the street. You get to see where your skill level is, compared to SlugShooters Nationwide, in the most relaxed and non-confrontational setup we can devise.
Of course, for confrontaton, there is always the Members forum on the website. Best of both worlds, be as aggressive as you want, and never run the risk of a poke in the eye. (worst could happen would be to get suspended if you get too rowdy, but we seldom ban people forever.)
Also, membership is free to active military and law enforcement, and we're waiving first year dues for all service veterans. C'mon over.www.slugshooting.com :)

October 11, 2005, 08:06 PM
Your poll didn't have the yes option, so I couldn't vote. I have a Remington 1100 that will stick a funny looking clover leaf(leafs are to big) at 100 yards. And that with the ten rounds that go up the pipe! And I'm not a member of a club to do it. Does that mean I'm good enough?:barf:

Good luck..........shoot often!!!
Scott B.

October 11, 2005, 09:01 PM
UMMMM.......Most folks got it that the poll was more or less a JOKE?????
Trying to build a little interest is our group. Guess we failed in your case, but no matter, we'd all be embarassed having to only shoot from the kneeling position in your presence..................:D