View Full Version : Swarovski Laser Rangefinder Telescope

October 8, 1998, 08:04 AM
I'm considering upgrading to this from my old Kahles ZF-69. I'm particularly interested in personal experience and feedback on its operational performance under variable field conditions, e.g. smoke, heavy smog, fog, rain, snow, warm temps & high humidity. I'd asked the factory in RI for a summary of environmental testing to include any reliability, availability or maintainability (RAM) data which they would share. The only reply was a unintelligible gurgling sound...

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Rob Pincus
October 13, 1998, 10:40 PM
Big bucks.. those things are.

One of the major stock Makers is supposed to have a prototype stock with a built in rangefinder at the SHOT show. They mentioned it at the SOF expo, but I forget which one. They said it would be less than 1/4 the cost of the Swarovski. My thinking is that you can then buy a good scope and still be carrying no more than the rifle and get the rangefinding ability. I also figured that a rangefinder in the stock would have to be more protected than the Swarovski set up.

October 14, 1998, 06:28 PM
Expensive is right! A tad over $1200 suggested retail, the last time I had the courage to ask. Do you recall if the stock maker indicated or had reference to H&K 91/G3 series stocks? This is the one for which the upgrade from the Kahles scope is planned.