View Full Version : Mule Camp 2001 Registration

Ned Roundtree
November 16, 2000, 08:59 PM
Hey Bill, is registration open yet. Seems last year it filled up pretty fast!

Bill Mitchell
November 17, 2000, 11:36 AM
Howdy Ned,

Yes, registration is open. Go to http://www.mulecamp.com , and download the lastest issue of the Mule Camp Star. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it. Acrobat if free, and there's a link to it from the Mule Camp website. In the MC Star is an application. Just print it out and your set. Or,it should be in the next Cowboy Chronicle. Don't wait too long, though. We filled up in early Feb. this past year.

Bellicose Bill