View Full Version : Uberti 454 Casull

Bruce B
June 23, 2005, 08:34 AM
I recently acquired an Uberti Tornado single action revolver. It is 5 shot, caliber 454 Casull with a 7 1/2" barrel, satin nickel plating, black laminated grips and fixed sights.

The serial number is 1615xx and the date code is BN. I believe the Uberti code is 646. There are no importer markings. I have the box but no packing material or documentation.

Can anyone provide any information about this weapon? When was it built and can it really stand up to Casull pressures? Web searches have produced a reference to a Uberti Tornado Buckhorn but not much other data.

I have worked up “midrange” loads that exceed the 44 mag but are a pleasure to shoot. My standard 45 Colt load of a 255 grain RNFPL bullet at 900 fps is just plain fun! It is really a comfortable pistol, that said, there is no way that I want to shoot a steady diet of factory 454 Casull loads of 300 grain bullets at 1650 fps.

Thanks in advance for the info