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November 7, 2000, 07:22 PM
Hi. I don't shoot CAS, allthough it does sound like fun. Yesterday I was shown a shotgun modified specifically to CAS (ie. the barrel was shortened). I got to wonder just how far this thing would be useful? I'd imagine a good guideline would be the maximum shooting distance with a shotgun in CAS...

Tony S.

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November 8, 2000, 08:20 AM
Most CAS shotgun shooting is relatively close. There is a minimum of 10 yd distance though on steel. Ours are usually between 10 and 15 yards distant.
The shortness of the barrel usually has more to do with going through confining spaces, going through doorways or shooting through "windows", than in spreading shot patterns.

Ned Roundtree
November 9, 2000, 10:22 PM
Ditto, SASS recommends shotgun at 8 to 16 yards. 20 yards is about max, I would set shotgun targets at. We mostly use reactive targets for shotgun. Such as falling plates, pepper poppers, clay birds or other things that move or make a noise. Both my IGA sxs (20ga.) and 97 Winchester have 20 inch barrels.