View Full Version : Rossi 45 LC Rifle

October 6, 2000, 08:54 AM
ANy one have one or had experience's with one?
I have on in stainless steel, large lever, and 16" barrel with open sites, saddle ring.
Its a dupilicate of the Win.92 lever gun.

Ned Roundtree
October 6, 2000, 04:07 PM
Does it make a diff since you have one already? I had a 92 Rossi on 45Lc and had feeding problems. Got rid of it and switched to 94 Winchester (no problems). Then I got a 92 Rossi in .357, feeding 38 specials. Blue gun, 16" barrel. No problems, great gun. But I was in a trading mood and it went to a cowgirl,who was looking for a light carbine. I presently own a 92 Navy Arms/ Rossi , stainless in .357 (also 16" round barrel). I love it. Another great gun!....go figure! :D

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