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Ned Roundtree
September 14, 2000, 07:08 AM
Man oh man , there it was on the magazine rack and just had to have it. GOW #20. I think they purposely throw in wronglabeled pictures or misspelled words to catch your attention. :rolleyes: Such as the article titled "EOT 2000 Competion". Nevertheless, most excellent articles and pictures. Can you say spell check?

September 15, 2000, 10:34 AM
What do you think of the new Omni-Potent six shooter from USFA? I looked at the photo and told Terri it looked like a Lightning.....but not really, but at the same time it looked like a Bisley.....but not really. Then I read the article. I'm not sure how I feel about it other than I want one. But then, of course, I have yet to see a single action that I did not want.
Harry Kane is the editor for all of Harris Publising gun magazines, www.harrisoutdoorgroup.com (http://www.harrisoutdoorgroup.com) , and a personal aquaintance of mine. I've razzed him in the past for some of the sloppy spelling but then he razzes me about my accent.....him bein' a yankee livin' in New York and all. ;)
Guns of The Old West almost never was. I picked up the first issue when it hit the news stand and immediately loved it. I called Harris Publising to get a suscription and was told that they had no plans to make it a regular publication. It seems they only planned the one issue. I asked for and talked with Harry and he confirmed that it was a one shot deal. I then asked if he would consider publising it as a regular publication if I could prove to him it would sell. He assured me that he would. Well, I just happen to have Harry's private (home) Email address as well as the one to his own PC in the publising office. (We have known each other a few years now.) I placed his office Email address on six Internet cowboy discussion groups telling everyone that would like to see GoTOW as a regular publication to Email him and express their support. The following Monday Harry called me at home and told me we could have the damn magazine and to tell the list to stop emailing him. :D He wasn't in the least mad about it though. He was and is happy to have yet another popular magazine on the rack.


I was promised a Shortycicle and I want a Shortycicle!

Ned Roundtree
September 15, 2000, 09:10 PM
Thanks, Gunslinger that is interesting. I hope they keep up the good work. I don't mind the spelling mistakes too much.