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September 11, 2000, 08:36 AM
Are the new "Colt Black Powder Arms" made in the US? On their catalog it only says "crafted", which could mean that they buy foreign parts and merely assemble them in their NY plant.

Also, does anyone know whether the new "cheap" Colt SAA is made at Colt or whether it is a foreign-made contract? Thanks for your help!

September 11, 2000, 02:19 PM
416, I'll take a shoot at this but make no guarantees as to if I am absolutely correct. I'm basing my assumptions on conversations with Roger Hunziker, owner of Philips & Rodgers and Colt's "Texas Connection" for a number of years. If I am mistaken and anyone wishes to correct me feel free to do so.

The black powder guns are made by Uberti in Italy. Frankly I do not see this a draw back however. I think Ubertis quality exceeds that of Colts any way. The finish on the Colt stamped [black powder guns only] guns is superior to any of the others I have seen. (At a recent gun show I saw an 1860 Army in a mans hand from a distance of 20 feet and inquired if it were a genuine Colt. It was. I asked because of the higher quality blue.)

The new cheap Colt, the "Cowboy", is built by Colt in their regular facility. It uses a cast frame (the same as the Ruger Blackhawk/Vaquero) and is referred to in Colts own literature as a "reproduction" of the famed Single Action Army. The fit and finish on all I have seen have been extremely substandard.

Colt does still offer the venerable Single Action Army. They are now all built in the Colt Custom Shop and priced more than double the $599 suggested retail for the "Cowboy". Sadly the fit and finish on these is little if any better than that found on the "Cowboy". In the current issue of Gun of the Old West there is an article on a new SAA built specially for SASS members. The gun is nickeled and even in the photos the poor finish is glaringly obvious. I would be ashamed to put my name on it.


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