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August 27, 2000, 03:56 AM
I'd love to try my hand at this cowboy action stuff next year and was thinking that a brace of quality cap and ball pistols might make things interesting.
Any input from you guys that are already into this?

Bill Mitchell
August 27, 2000, 08:19 AM

A number of folks shot C&B pistols. If you also shoot BP in your rifle and your double barrel,then you'd be competing in the Frontiersman class. Most clubs,including mine,allow you to charge the chambers with powder and ball while at the unloading table. The gun is only capped when at the loading table just before you shoot.

There are a number of type of C&B revolvers you can choose from,from .36 Navies to the big .44 Walkers. Get a Dixie Gun Works (http://www.dixiegun.com) catalog. They have a large selection of C&B pistols as well as all of the neccesary accessories you'll need(lead balls,wads,powder flask,capper).

Enjoy the Dark Side!

Bellicose Bill

August 29, 2000, 02:55 AM
Thanks Bill.

Ned Roundtree
August 29, 2000, 06:47 AM
Cap and ball are definitely guns of the era. And would not want to discourage you from it. For there is a category specifically for blackpowder. But the vast majority of cowboys are shooting smokeless. Just in case you were not aware of what others are shooting. Sometimes there can be a pistol reload on the clock.