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Rusty S
August 19, 2000, 04:55 PM
Cimarron came out with a bird's head gripped Uberti six-shot 38 spl on the 3/4 scale frame used to make their 22lr/22mags. They then introduced the regular shaped grip as the model P jr. Uberti lists the P jr. under their own name as the Stallion.

Last time I asked, few had been seen on the range. Shotgun News is now showing them for $300 apiece. Have the babies built enough of a reputation yet for opinions?

Bill Mitchell
August 19, 2000, 08:52 PM
Howdy Rusty,

A few of the lady shooters around here shoot the Cimmaron Lightnings,which are the 3/4 frame bird's head gripped pistols. They seem to like them,and I'm sure it's better for them than trying to hold on to the big ruger gripframe or even a Colt size frame.

Cimmaron has a reputation of selling the best of the clones,though the intitial run of these had a few problems.

Bellicose Bill

Ned Roundtree
August 20, 2000, 06:18 AM
My wife's sis has a pair of Cimarron Lightnings, 3 1/2" barrels. Highly accurate, smooth from the box and just get better with each match. She shoots 125 grain, 38 specials. I have tried the guns and their accuracy is great, action smooth. She purchased them early before anyone at the gun store knew they would be so popular. The gun store stocks a lot of Rugers, Colts and Ubertis. Had not really had a lot of experience with Cimarrons. Paid $269 each for the consecutive numbered pair. Now they ask $349-$369 each for them. If you can get them.

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