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Ned Roundtree
August 18, 2000, 02:55 PM
We try to mix up the round count and guns used on various stages. Some clubs are using two pistols, rifle and shotgun on every stage. Some clubs prefer many stages but small round count per stage. Some clubs the use of shotgun is very light, some it is heavy. What are your thoughts on the perfect balanced stage and entire match? (Example: Last match I was at had 45 Pistol, 50 Rifle, and 29 shotgun shots. It was great fun.)

Bill Mitchell
August 18, 2000, 07:40 PM
Howdy Ned,

At Cherokee,where we shoot 6 stages each month,we typically shoot four guns on 4 to six of the stages. This month(tomorrow) we'll shoot 6 four-gun stages. Rifle is 8 or 9 shots per stage,shotgun 4 to 6 shots. We mix it up,but usually have 60 pistol,45-50 rifle,and 24 shotgun. It's not the number of shots,but the order the guns are shot in,movement,and procedures that interest me. The most intriguing stage we shoot is one that has the one pistol,the rifle and the shotgun on a table at the shooting line. The shooter is required to shoot 18 shots,at least one from each gun. The shooter chooses how many to shoot from each gun to add up to the 18 shots,and all loading and shooting is done on the clock. The combinations chosen are varying,and much discussion takes place as to what is the best method for shooting the stage.

The most important thing is to keep the shooter interested and challenged. Don't get too hung up on round count or shooting all the guns on each stage.

Bellicose Bill

August 18, 2000, 09:01 PM
Hey Bill that sounds fun. How many rounds are allowed to start with the Pistol and rifle. If it's 5 & 10 (seems typical) then what is the "usual" way of getting the one target you must reload for? We have shot one where you must reload one round in the pistol on the clock. The best way is to shoot one, load the empty chamber, and proceed, but it sure is easy to get focused on the trgets and forget to reload till the end.

Ned Roundtree
August 18, 2000, 09:39 PM
Hey Bill & griz, we shoot six monthly stages also. We do a very similar stage. Two Pistols, rifle and shotgun on table. Each gun must be shot at least once. Your choice twenty rounds any combination. Guns loaded on the clock. Interesting to see folks attempt different strategies.

Bill Mitchell
August 19, 2000, 08:46 PM
Howdy Griz,

All loading is done on the clock,on the firing line.The number of rounds shot from each gun is up to the shooter. The only requirement is that each gun be shot at least once. So,a shooter could shoot 1 pistol shot,one rifle shot,and 16 shotgun. Or,since we allow 6 to be loaded in the pistol when it's loaded on the firing line,the shooter could shoot 6 pistol,10 rifle and 2 shotgun shots.

The shooter must decide before he or she shoots what they want to do,and only 18 rounds are allowed to to be brought to the firing line,usually being placed in a tin plate. Any dropped rounds are dead,and the shooter can't pull rounds off of their person.

Bellicose Bill