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six 4 sure
August 7, 2000, 01:42 AM
My first question is what is the range? The only numbers I found for rifle ranges were 13-50 yards. That didn't sound long enough to me.

2. I have a Winchester 94AE in .357 mag, I assume this is legal to use in these matches, however, would something different be recommended. I'm sure the list is endless, I just courious if I could make do with this gun.

3. What type of sights would you recommend? Tang, ladder, or otherwise? If I chose a tang, which brand? The only options I've seen are Lyman or Marbles. Are there others of the same quality, or should I pick one of these?

4. I've seen from previous posts, that a JW lever loop isn't recommended, but would it be as big of factor in the long range shooting?

Thanks for the help.

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Bill Mitchell
August 7, 2000, 09:16 AM

The 13-50 yd. number is the recommended distance for SASS main match rifle. Long range rifle could be as long as your range will allow. Keep it reasonable for pistol caliber lever guns (100-200 yds). A lot of cowboy shooters also have single shot guns like Sharps,Rolling Blocks,Trapdoors or H&R Buffalo Classics. For these guns,the range could be increased.

Your rifle is fine for side matches. Remember,that at 200 yds.,the trajectory will be quite high.

Of the two sights that you mentioned,the Marbles is the better choice,as it has windage adjustment as well as elevation,while the Lyman only adjusts for elevation. Whether you need a tang sight depends on how well your current open sights perform out to 200 yds. Some open sights won't adjust high enough to get you on target at that range.

A large loop lever wouldn't be a factor in the long range match,as accuracy is more important than speed. But,a lot of matches will break a tie in total hits with the fastest time.

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Ned Roundtree
August 7, 2000, 10:16 AM
Cowboy Long Range Rifle varies from club to club. At my club we shoot steel buffalos at 100, 200 and 300 yards. Pistol Caliber rifles at 100 yards and others (Single shots and buffalo rifles) shoot at 200 and 300 yards. At another club the steel buffalo is set at 460-480 yards. Requires a shot in the heart in order for a flag to post up! :eek:

August 12, 2000, 09:49 AM
I'll throw in my .00002 cents worth on the AE Winchester. I have the Trails End,and love the accuracy of it.Had to get rid of the JW loop though.Short arms. :)
I chose the Lyman sight for economy,and it is good enough for me. I rang steel at 180 yds last month,and I'm still a'grinnin about it.!!
The .357 is such a flat shooter I only had to elevate the sight about 1/4 inch to do the job. I suppose the Marbles sight woudl be better for real serious work,but the Lyman hits all the SASS sized steel I point it at.The one at 180 yds was just a standard rifle-sized monthly shoot target.
ps I give 99% of the credit to the rifle and sights. My old eyes sure like that sight picture. I just leave the inserts out and use the large loop as a "ghost ring".
'oops,gettin' windy again. :)
enjoy yourself,and shoot safe. Mort

August 12, 2000, 02:12 PM
I also have a Trails End with a Lyman Tang but in .45. Had to shim the sight a bit to get the windage right and it does just fine at 100yds. Thats about as far as I can see anyway, so a Buffalo Sharps is not in my future.