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June 8, 2000, 01:24 PM
Well, after last month's match (my club's first), it is time to run another. I drew up two rather odd (even by my standards) stages, going for a 'movie' flavor.

The first is my "Quigley Up Over" (because hey, Texas isn't down under) stage...20 yard shot from a small shooting box with rifle...through a paper target into an (unseen) half-size Pepper Popper. Messing around at the range indicates that about 7 feet separation works, with the paper target stapled low on the sticks (enough to see a few inches of the bottom of the popper, anyway). I forsee lots of groin hits on the paper...

Sometimes you have to try a few times to get two idiots to line up in your sights...

The rest of the stage is falling plates.

The other stage is my equally psycho wife's idea. Being a big Good, Bad, and the Ugly fan, she wanted to run a stage starting with a disassembled revolver. Since that would be rough, we decided to go with an unloaded revolver on a table with the rounds next to it. On the clock, load and engage...

The other stages are quite standard, as much steel as I care to tote from the shed, mixed weapons and distances just like it says in the manual.

Are these two too weird? It is not to late to change...

Lone Iguana

Bill Mitchell
June 9, 2000, 08:24 AM
Howdy wakal,

The first stage sounds interesting. Do they have to shoot until they hit the popper,or just take one shot and then move along??

Reload stages can be fun. One we use around here has the shooter put his rifle,shotgun,and one pistol on a table. The stage calls for twelve shots to be fired. But,it's up to the shooter to decide how many he will shoot from each gun. At least one round must be fired from each gun. '97 shooters tend to lean towards lots of shotgun shots,while I like to stoke my rifle and shoot it. We usually use one target for each gun.

Bellicose Bill

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June 9, 2000, 04:47 PM
Shoot until the popper falls was my concept.

Oh, boy...that 12-round shoot-what-you-want thing sounds interesting. Next month's match will have a stage like that...wish my fevered mind would have come up with that...I'm still learning, have not gone fully down the dark side of twisted stage design yet. :)


June 20, 2000, 09:26 AM
No such animal as "too psycho". Just "more psycho"> example: popper is hit with shotgun,falls on a fulcrum board that launches a CHARCOAL BRIQUET that must be hit to score.
I held my fire on the one that came right over our heads! (never even saw it,actually)
Make em groan,it's all for fun.