View Full Version : how much $ to get started? do I need a rifle & shotgun?

May 5, 2000, 03:52 PM
basically I would be starting from ground zero.

what do you guys think a beginning SASS shooter must have?

how much $ is it going to take to get started?

do I need a rifle & shotgun?

I could probably swing a Ruger Vaquero or an Italian Colt knockoff - might even get one regardless....

May 5, 2000, 07:27 PM
O.K. pilgrim , listen and listen tight . If you wanna go for about 2k right off the bat you will be walking in tall cotton . If you're wife isn't with you on this you will be sleeping on the couch after all that cotton walking .
The fact is that you really don't need everything to start . You can borrow all the guns once you get to know some fellers . Once you get known you can team up with other guys and each guy may own one weapon . So one guy with a rifle and another with the shotgun and 2 cowpokes with pistols becomes a posse . Doing it this way allows you to buy first class hardware since you can take your time while enjoying the sport .
Some of older hands can steer you to fellas that have formed up for that purpose . I have seen ads for complete outfits being sold by fellas stepping up . I saw one ad recently for the whole deal for $1200 . Check the Cowboy Chronicle .Good luck


Arizona Eric
May 5, 2000, 08:21 PM
I came out with a Blackhawk, and borrowed a shotgun, rifle and second pistol from people out there.

Then I got a rifle (Rossi) and borrowed the two missing guns.

Then I got a shotgun (Stevens) and borrowed an extra pistol when needed.

Finally I got a second Blackhawk. Start slow, see how much you like it, buy something new as you can afford it. Most cowboys are friendly enough to let the new guys borrow their gear. If you go the cheap route, as I did, you wound up with about $800 in guns total. Cheaper than some hobbies I can think of . . .

May 6, 2000, 11:00 AM
I usually carry a Super Blackhawk in my bag for those who need a pistola. I use a pair of Vaqueros msyelf.

Ned Roundtree
May 7, 2000, 06:09 AM
My first season I had one Vaqueros , one Uberti revolver and a 94 Winchester rifle. Three of us used the same shotgun. An IGA sxs in 20 gauge that we jokingly called the "community" shotgun. I had a canvas cartridge belt and one holster. My second holster was borrowed. Today, I have none of the guns I started with. I have new gun leather and I use the old set to lend to cowpokes just getting started that show up with nothing. In most matches the shotgun is used but not to he extent of the other guns. Usually the shotgun is the easiiest to borrow if you have the ammo. I recommend lining up before hand someone to borrow the shotgun from. Then buying two revolvers and one rifle and gun leather. Get the shotgun later. A Rossi lever action, two vaqueros, and one IGA shotgun should cost you about $1280. If you went full hog with two colts, uberti rifle, '73 Winchester and 1897 Winchester pump the dollars could reach $3350. Most cowboys I know, not only have their costumes evolved over the years but their firearms are upgraded. Good luck. :D

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