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acp Mikey
April 9, 2000, 08:35 PM
My wife and I went to our first cowboy action shoot this morning at Tri County Gun Club south of Portland, OR. What a blast! Now the problem - it looks like so much fun that we will have to join in. We compete in local defensive handgun skills matches with our beloved 1911's. Don't even own a single action revolver (not quite true, I have my Dad's early ruger 22), so now have a new excuse for guns! Can anyone give me some info? I went to the SASS web site, but it was $45 to join plus $30 for the spouse. We want some simple info first>
What guns are allowed?
What calibers? We have a Winchester lever action in 44 Mag. - is this allowed?
Can we share guns etc, until we can get enough money to outfit 2 people?
Thanks for any info and sorry for the long post.

acp Mikey

Ned Roundtree
April 10, 2000, 06:16 AM
That same SASS page you referred to also had a link for the SASS RULE BOOK on the main page. Cowboys are very understanding and most of us have faced the shock of having to develop a cowboy battery. The first year, three of us shared one shotgun. And I used borrowed gun leather. When we got to matches we would let the sign in staff know up front we were short a shotgun. We would ask to shoot together so we could borrow the shotgun. No problems. At our matches, we simply ask that new folks tell us what they are short (gunwise) so we can get them into a group that they can borrow a gun or two. Calibers allowed in Main match are 32 caliber and above. Most common is 45 long colt, followed by 38 special, 44 mag, sp, etc. Usually most cowboys try to get lever action rifle and revolvers in same caliber. But you don't have to. It is just easier that way.

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April 10, 2000, 05:42 PM
Be sure and visit the SASS wire http://www.sassnet.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/Ultimate.cgi it's a excellent form with tons of good advice.

One excellent book I can recommend without reservation is Trailriders guide to Cowboy Action Shooting. Trailrider has a web page that explains the book http://www.gunfighter.com/trailrider/ He also makes leather goods and has a extremly thourgh cataloug with all kinds of pictures and explanations about the gear and how to go about fitting it. Tell him Joey sent ya :)

We just ordered 2 Ruger SS Vaqueros and a 1866 Yellowboy all in 45 long colt and a Stoeger SxS 12ga coach gun. We also will be getting a Lee hand reloading tool as 45LC ammo is expensive unless you reload. BOth the wife and I will be sharing the guns for who knows how long, or until I can convince her to get her own :) :)

We got a copy of the SASS paper at a local gun shop and it's well worth the fee for one membership in SASS However, the wife wanted to join also so we bit the bullet and got 2 memberships for SASS.

Joey Aka TJ Carr SASS# 30836

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Ned Roundtree
April 11, 2000, 06:51 AM
Excellent choice of guns, Joey. I myself shoot .38 specials from two Ruger Vaquero Bisleys (.357), '73 Winchester Uberti, 20" Border Model (.357), and 97 Winchester pump. The Mrs. is currently using two Colts 7 1/2" (.357) and Marlin Cowboy II (.357) and IGA sxs in 20 gauge. Her sister uses two Cimarron Lightnings (.38 sp only) and they share the Marlin Cowboy II and IGA shotgun. So far as gun leather, we all use www.epsaddlery.com (http://www.epsaddlery.com) Good luck on the trail.

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April 13, 2000, 12:08 AM
I live near you,and have shot at the same club. I'm fairly new to SASS,but have been shooting cowboy guns for years.
Hickory is the ramrod at Tri-County,and you';ll have to see hime about an "indoctrination" before you can actually shoot with the group.Basically, a safety rule review,and a SASS overview.Then he';ll run you through a stage or two to verify your gun handeling skills.That';s how it went for me anyway.
Come on out and have a ball.There are usually plenty of extra firearms avail. to loan a new shooter,and I'm sure there are some guns avail. for sale too.
The SASS website has a classified section with guns and accesories for sale also.
See you there. "Mort"
Throckmorton SASS 23149

Jay Baker
April 15, 2000, 12:05 AM
ACPMikey. yes the .44 mag Win. lever is permitted, and many shooters use them. As long as you have it, I suggest you buy a Ruger Vaquero in .44 Mag. You can then use .44 Special in each. If you reload, you can tailor your loads for best accuracy and function. While you're at it, you might check out the Bisley model Ruger. I like the way they handle in recoil, but it might not be your cup of tea.

This stuff can become very addictive, although I had to drop out two years ago due to medical problems.

Good luck. J.B. SASS #672

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