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March 14, 2000, 07:31 AM
Has anyone here used the Pyrodex pellets in C&B revolvers, specifically The Ruger Old Army. The rumors I've heard seem to lean towards them being fine in BP cartridge, but inconsistant in C&Bs.

Bill Mitchell
March 14, 2000, 09:09 AM
Howdy Malpaso,

I've also heard of folks having problems while using the pellets in C&B,but I think it's a combination of the pellets and wet weather. Loose powder seems to be more consistent when the weather is wet. That said,one of the top Frontiersman shooters in this area uses Pyrodex pellets in his Old Armies with great success.

Here's an interesting story about the pellets:
I was at a BPCR long range shoot on Sat.,and it was raining. At the end of the match we have "Quigley Shoot",where we shoot at a metal bucket at 225 yards offhand. One of the shooters had a Shilo percussion Sharps,which normally would take a paper cartridge. But,this fella was using the pellets made for muzzleloaders. He would drop a .54 gr. bullet in the chamber,followed by a 50gr.pellet and a 30gr. pellet. Well,he had a few failures to fire,attributed to the pellets sitting out in the humidity. He got some fresh pellets,loaded 'em up and put on a show.

Bellicose Bill

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