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June 8, 2005, 06:47 AM
That is how ABC titled the story from California....... Well, we already know that unless it was brought up from a cub status in protective environment a bear might just be considered by almost.......almost everyone as a wild animal???? and even if the cub was feed by an eye dropper from infant size it still is a bear...........that makes it a wild animal right? ;)

The woman and her husband showed the house in which bear came through the front door. It was most humor I have had in a long time. The woman admits it came right through the door she was holding open for the small dog she had moments earlier let out to do it's business. Lady admits bears have been seen in area and neighbor had issues with bears too. I wonder why it is such a surprise when folks build in a thick wooded area that is known as bear living space. The dog did get a little hair removal from it's rump but was showed doing just fine. I guess I have a moral to the story.......... Don't think your dog is as valuable as your own life. The dog will do fine outside as you grab the trusty shotgun......Opps I guess they didn't own one since the bears never would cross the 3 foot cute picket fence between the thick woods and the backyard........... Oh brother I could go on but for everyone's sake and my own I will just laugh and say, well done bear - well done.... Maybe they will get the message bears have and always will be considered WILD in most of us common folks (shooters, hunters, nature lovers and humans) minds? :D

June 8, 2005, 10:54 AM

June 8, 2005, 03:06 PM
I wonder if this couple has a compost in the back yard too? Maybe dump the bacon fat in the trash can by the back door.....? Poor doggie got a little on his nose and became a very nice sized bacon smelling target of opportunity??? Glad nobody lost any digits or their lives.... Hope they get an idea now that all bears.......even Momma bears as the lady called it, are wild carnivores.... And Momma bears are known as Sows..... ;)

Hey, BoBo - let's go get a pickanick basket for two........but Yogi....What about the ranger?

June 9, 2005, 01:04 AM
Don't feed them and be smart enough to live in a state allows hunting (at least bow hunting), close to urban areas. ANY wild animal that doesnt have the need to fear man is going to be trouble.

June 12, 2005, 07:06 PM
Don't feed them and be smart enough to live in a state allows hunting (at least bow hunting), close to urban areas. ANY wild animal that doesnt have the need to fear man is going to be trouble.

I can tell you first hand that your words ring true, this happened to me.

5 years ago at Horshoe Lake in Oregon my Ex and I along with my buddy and his girlfriend went camping. We had just all started the morning with a brisk swim and had just arrived back in camp. I was drying off, as my female Labrador started going beserk and as I looked towards my tent where my Ex had just entered I see a black bear sow briskly running towards the opening. I yell at my Ex to zip up the flap which she did with little hesitation, not that it really would have stopped the bear, but at least it would be less tempting. I proceeded to run towards the bear and I started whipping it with my towel. After about the 3rd whip at the bear, I felt this primordial sensation come over me as if the bear telepathically said, "Time to Die *&%*er &$^&%er". The bear locked eyes with me and I knew the end was near, so just as I started wrapping the towel around my forearm to brace for the attack, my labrador who was one third the size of this big sow, slipped her collar and attacked the bear. The bear was mauling her pretty good so I acted quickly and ran to the fire pit and picked up some 10lb + rocks and just started pelting the big sow. She broke off her attack and my poor labrador ran off under the truck. The big sow was really pissed off and I screamed to my Ex to throw me my gun which she already had ready for her own defense. The sow quartered towards me and I looked at my Ex to throw me the gun, which she did, but being that this is real life, it fell short and I jumped for it. The sow immediately came at me and I fired all 5 rounds of the .38 JHP from my S&W 442. The bear fell dead as a door nail. I hit the bear twice, once in the front paw and the other went through her mouth and snapped her vertebrae. Within minutes I had a crowd of campers around me, some pretty pissed that I shot the bear and others actually showing a little concern for me. If it wasnt for a couple who witnessed everything and for the fact that my dog was torn up, I feel that alot of people would have accused me of shooting a cute innocent defenseless bear. All I can say is that I was not afraid of that bear in the beginning as I am an avid archery hunter and I do alot of deep woods camping and so I know what it is to kill a bear with an arrow and I know that most bears will run from you, but to all those bambi lovers, never forget that a bear that weighs as much as you do will always be stronger than you and is better at killing with its own devices than you are. Some will say I was lucky killing an old onery 179lb sow with a .38 snubby, but I would rather be lucky an armed than unlucky and die as sit in a fetal position hoping the bear will only eat one of my kidneys. I carry a weapon wherever I go especially if its out in the woods, more for the 2 legged predators than the 4, because it is especially illogical and foolish not to when you are so far away from conventional help. I mean if it was practical, I would indeed carry a bangstick in shark waters, but it is not so I dont go swimming in shark waters. I do carry a 6inch blade when I go jet skiing at Pacific City because I am aware that there have been limited sightings of Great Whites in that area. I know it may not do any good, but I will die fighting in any situation. I choose not to let my killers go unpunished.

just one question
June 12, 2005, 09:00 PM
Wod you are either joking or making it up which is it. That is about the stupidest thing i ever heard.

June 13, 2005, 12:16 PM
If I was making it up I would have said I jumped on the bear and killed it with my knife and that I carry 3 bangsticks on my jet ski for protection(hmmm, not a bad idea)

just one question
June 13, 2005, 02:16 PM
Is there any proof stuff like this is usually on the news or in a hunting magazine or something. And the whole thing sounds like BS :rolleyes:

and a bear weighs more then 179 pounds :confused: