View Full Version : Ruger M77 Mk II barrel twist

June 7, 2005, 06:58 PM
I Have A Ruger 223 Cal M77 Mark Ii. I Would Like To Know What Twist Barrel Is On This Rifle. Can't Find It Anywhere. :)

Smokey Joe
June 7, 2005, 07:28 PM
Try www.ruger.com where they have the tech specs for all their models. Including the rifling twist. I just looked it up, took me less'n 5 min. But there are almost a dozen different M77 MkII's, several of which I assume come in .223. So I have to leave it to you to check the twist for your exact model. The manufacturer's website is almost always a good source for info of that nature.

You could also try the do-it-yourself approach: Take your rifle, unloaded, put a cleaning rod with jag & patch in the bore, mark the rod along its uppermost side, push/pull the rod until the rod makes one full rotation, measure the length of rod which you pushed or pulled.

Hope that helps.

June 8, 2005, 06:53 AM
Start a tight patch; being sure the jag is tight on the rod.
Mark the rod with a felt tip to indicate Top Dead Center and a starting point.
Advance the rod until it comes back to Top Dead Center.
Measure the distance traveled from the start mark. That is the rifling twist, one turn in xx inches.
A lot easier than trying to estimate the amount of twist in a foot.

Ruger 77 MK-II 2223 twist?
I had the same trouble with an Ultra-Lite that would not shoot.
Ruger said it was 1 in 10. Others said 1 in 7. I tried the above and it turned out to have a 1 in 12 twist.