View Full Version : Knob Creek and First CAS

Ned Roundtree
March 6, 2000, 09:18 AM
Took my sis-n-law to her first shoot as a participant. She has watched for a number of months but always too nervous to jump in. She borrowed a 94 Marlin Cowboy II and IGA sxs 20 ga. Her sister lent her a pair of Cimarron Lightnings. Another cowboy, from Ohio lent her a holster and belt. A little nervous at first but she soon settled down and had great fun. The whole posse helped her and she now understands what the "cowboy way" is all about. First Sunday of the month, the Knob Creek Machine Gun Range turns cowboy. Friendly folks and a good time.

March 8, 2000, 09:06 PM
Oh no, another "cowperson" doomed to a life long addiction. Ned you should be ashamed. :D


We live in a time in which attitudes and deeds once respected as courageous and honorable are now scorned as being antiquated and subversive.

Ned Roundtree
March 8, 2000, 11:07 PM
Method to my madness. "But dear, your sister is going..."