View Full Version : Original 1873 Winchester

Ned Roundtree
February 3, 2000, 09:34 AM
I thought you would get a hoot out of this story. We have three folks from the same family that shoot with us. This year their 79 year old father is going CAS. He is going to use his 1873 Winchester in 44-40. Seems he got three rifles in the early 1960s when the Kentucky Prison System updated their guards rifles. So those rifles had stayed on duty onto the early 1960s. Pretty neat!!

February 5, 2000, 10:30 AM
That is pretty wild to say the least! I've got a .32 Spec 1873 in the safe and a friend has an 1881 production'73 in .44-40. Think about shooting it occassionally after a checkup.