View Full Version : Duelist or Gunfighter Class

Ned Roundtree
January 20, 2000, 07:59 PM
Last year I shot traditional class with two hands. I'm thinking of changing to duelist. Our club rule, ya got to shoot say 5 matches as Duelist before you can safety check out for Gunfighter Class. Any Gunfighter Class folks out there?

Bud Helms
January 20, 2000, 10:49 PM
What the devil?

Ned, didn't you recently list a site where us beginners could go read up on CASS?

Does it talk about the different classes like duelist and gunfighter?

Sounds like this needs more studyin'.

Bill Mitchell
January 21, 2000, 10:23 AM
Howdy Sensop,

If you go to the SASS Homepage (http://www.sassnet.com) and click on the link for the Shooter's Handbook,you'll find a description of all of the different classes.

Bellicose Bill

Trigger Jerk
January 21, 2000, 01:21 PM
I can shoot gunfighter, but it's not worth it where I usually shoot. First off they won't let you except in a special side match after the main match. I'm cool with that, if that's what they want to do. but I'm so tired from setting up and tearing down, that I don't feel like shooting after the main match...but that's my problem. The other thing is, the MD designs stages with his strengths in mind, which don't lend themselves to gunfighter style.

Ned Roundtree
January 21, 2000, 11:46 PM
I hear ya Trigger Jerk. We set our stages up so you can shoot Gunfighter in the main match. Not all stages but one or two stages a match gives you the option of shooting it gunfighter style. I don't think there is a competitive edge there. It is just fun!!