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January 14, 2000, 07:08 AM
a few days ago i asked a question about deringers ect. i decided not to buy one yet insted a family friend of mine gave me one hehhe lucky me any way im looking for a cowboy style way to carry it some kind of holster or somthing like that the gun is going to be used manely as a prop type thing as i have no idea of the quality ect of the peice and its a bp gun which is fine with me because most of what i shoot is so heres the deal its a sxs 44 bp deringer with about 4in. bbl dose anyone know were i can find some kind of holster ect. for this


January 14, 2000, 09:05 AM
A lot of shooters have a holster attached to (or extending; it's hard to explain, perhaps someone has a photo) their suspenders.

Bill Mitchell
January 14, 2000, 10:09 AM
Howdy Zip,

Go to Classic Old West Styles (http://www.cows.com/cows/) and follow the links to Suspenders: Derringer Suspenders,and you'll see what Fal308 is talking about. They're not cheap,and you may be able to get a leather maker to make you a custom holster for less money.

Bellicose Bill

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Ned Roundtree
January 19, 2000, 04:36 PM
I just have a pocket pistol. No gun leather as most stages call for you to pick it up off the table. So I just carry it in a pistol rug in my gun cart. Too many other things to buy right now.