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Ned Roundtree
January 15, 2000, 02:15 AM
Do you belong to a CAS club? What's the club name and how did they name it? My club is Fox Bend Peacemakers. "Fox Bend" is the original name of our 1440 acre farm which became the Blue Grass Sportsmens League. We are in a bend of the river, they did hunt foxes here. Hence, Fox Bend. "Peacemakers" was picked due to the Kittredge Company that was located 60 minutes north of here (Cincinnati, OH). They coined the phrase in their newspaper ads selling the 1873 Colt SAA. Hence we wanted our name to be cowboy and reflect our region.

Trigger Jerk
January 18, 2000, 06:09 PM
I have been involved with 3 different clubs:

As a member - Rattlesnake Gulch Rangers of Tri Cities area Wash State. The range is at the base of Rattlesnake mountain....

As the founder and match director - "The Hole in the Hill Gang" of Moscow Idaho. Our range area is basically carved out of the side of a hill...

As co-founder - The Norhtwest Shadow Riders of Lewiston, ID. Basically from the movie "The Shadow Riders" and simply adding Northwest to it...

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