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Joe West
January 16, 2000, 10:57 AM
Your moderator won his first Cherokee Cowboys match yesterday. This is an impressive feat! It was a 102 shooter, 6 stage, 2 side match monthly match in quite chilly weather. He also Shot The Match Clean. Now, I don't think winning or losing in a SASS match is the point of the experience, it's a safe, fun, and exciting shooting game. It's not a true serious shooting competition, the scoring of targets is mostly subjective unlike other shooting sports. But that just adds to it's charm and challenge. Shooting well in CAS matches is more a matter of the personal journey towards excellence of character as well as skill. But EVERYONE enjoys winning and there's nothing wrong with that.
Bill helps set up and run the matches. He helps the gun club as a whole, which has many other shooting activities. He dresses well, spurs and all. Most importantly he helps the new shooters find the fun of our game and sets a good example.
Congratulations my friend.
Joe West

Bill Mitchell
January 16, 2000, 01:00 PM
Aww,heck-it weren't nothin',really. ;)

I was glad to shoot the match clean,and winning just made it more satisfying.
Joe West has been my good friend and mentor since the day I discovered CAS-literally-and I owe him a lot of the credit for my success yesterday. It was he who suggested I take my speed down a notch. I did that,still shot fast,but shot clean,as well. Thanks,Joe!

Bellicose Bill

Ned Roundtree
January 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
Nice shooting Bill.

Old Jules
January 17, 2000, 10:56 PM
Congratulations to Bellicose Bill! He shot a fine match and held up under pressure from unnamed cowboys. :) A finer cowboy never rode the range. Nice spurs, too.

Old Jules