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Bud Helms
January 12, 2000, 08:35 PM
Are cap and ball pistol shooters at a disadvantage in CAS pistol events?

I guess what I'm wondering is: do CAS pistol shooters have to reload during a timed event? I am assuming all events are timed ???

Another question. Is the Ruger Old Army pistol a replica of anything that was used in the wild west?

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Bill Mitchell
January 12, 2000, 09:05 PM
Howdy Sensop,

C&B shooters who also shoot BP in their rifle and SxS shotgun compete in their own class.

Occasionally,a match will have a stage that requires a pistol or rifle reload. Sometimes it's one round,sometimes it's a full reload. And,yes,CAS matches are timed events.

The Ruger Old Army isn't a replica of any Old West firearm,but it is a legal SASS pistol.

Bellicose Bill

Trigger Jerk
January 13, 2000, 12:44 PM
But the Ruger Old Army with Adjustable sights doesn't qualify for the black powder class, it has to be shot in the modern class.

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