View Full Version : Mossberg 100 ATR .30-06

May 29, 2005, 08:17 AM
I just picked one of these up to use for deer season, (as a "not afraid to scratch it" gun) and I must admit for the money it looks great.

I disassembled it and cleaned it up and said, "Wow!". It seems to be as well built as say a Savage 110 or a low-end Winchester 70 (Ranger).

The trigger has just a little bit of creep, but is not overly heavy. It also appears to be easily adjustable. The barrel is definitely free-floated and the synthetic stock is pretty decent.

The shooting range will tell if I truly got a good deal, but it it shoots as well as it appears to be put together I'll be happy. At this point I'd say check them out If you want a woods gun. Can't beat $244.97.

May 31, 2005, 07:26 AM
Got one in .270 Win. It would not print any better than .75 inch groups at 100 yards using handloads and a 130 grain bullet. ho ho ho....H4350...F210 primer.......A real deal for the price and they are carried at Walmart...I like it..it likes also the 139 grain Hornady bullets........this is a winner... Will take it yote hunting in October...

May 31, 2005, 08:15 AM
I would rate the ATR as nearly infinitely better than the Remington 710 as it is a conventional rifle with conventional barrel set up. These are the reincarnation of the Charter Arms Raptor rifles, and use a barrel nut similar to the Savage 110. I like Mossberg Rifles (I have four 810's, two 30-06's and two 7mm Rem Mags and an 800 in .308) and while I wouldn't rate the 100ATR along with the 800 or 810, mostly because of finish and stock, the ATR looks to be a good rifle, certainly better than the 710 which costs $80 more (subtracting the $20 scope). If the ATR came with a nice walnut stock and better blueing, I would rate it along with contemporaries such as the 110 or 700 or 70. But then, lets face it. Ultimately the difference between these rifles really lies in options of finish and stocks. The 110, 700, 70, ATR, Vanguard, and many others are all tubular recieiver, dual opposed lug actions that vary really only in trigger and safety design.


June 1, 2005, 01:40 PM
I bought one of the Mossberg ATR-100's in .30-06 a few months back. Still haven't had a chance to really shoot it "on the record" for accuracy, but with any factory load I want to use, will hold them inside 1.75" @ 100Yds...about as good as I can do with my 50+ year old tri-focused eyes. Ammo ranged from the cheapest 147-150 Gr FMJ rounds though the PMP & Remington soft-point loads. No Mil-Surp ammo, just the commercial stuff. {Optometrist told me several years back.."Oh wow, man, you're only about 3 shades less blind than a mole..."} :D :D :D

Have done a 3-shot .75" with Fed Gold Medal Match ammo...the 168-Gr Sierra Match King HP boat-tail bullet. :)

Internally, the rifle resembles the Charter Field-King or Savage 10/11 series.

June 2, 2005, 06:54 PM
I will shoot mine soon. It's a deer gun so as long as it holds around 1.5" at 100 yards I'll live with it for $244.

Any ideas among you guys about how to lighten the trigger and lower the trigger travel a bit? My trigger is by no means horrible (better than my $550 Ruger) but I like to tweak triggers if possible.