View Full Version : Favorite Pocket Pistol or Derringer

Ned Roundtree
January 5, 2000, 04:53 AM
Finally got me a Pocket pistol. One club I shoot at always has a pocket pistol stage. Their rules: If you have pocket pistol you start with gun loaded. No pocket pistol ,you can use regular pistol but have to load on the clock. Well, I've been a good sport for the past year. But no more!! ;) Got me a S&W, .38 S&W top break, DA safety model, nickel, with genuine pearl grips. Sure is pretty. Cute little two inch barrel. Have had so many guns to buy in the past two years, finally got to this gun. Uh, oh, wife is falling in love with my new pearl handled S&W, gotta go!!

January 5, 2000, 07:03 AM
Only Derringer I have is a cheapo Davies in .22lr. I am planning on getting an American Derringer though. Again. More on that later, too many other things are needed first. Lotsa fun to shoot, especially right after shooting fuul house .44Mag in the Smith. Never fails to produce a huge grin on someones face :)

Trigger Jerk
January 6, 2000, 08:21 PM
I have four derringers...all Davis. One in 32 ACP that I load with black powder and lead bullets, one in 38 special, and two in 22 lr. As Match Director, I often use the pair of 22's for loaners when a stage requires a derringer.

I also have four pocket pistols...nothing special one in 38 S&W 3 in 32 S&W. They were all under $100 each. I also load black powder for them.