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Swat Back Issues
May 27, 2005, 04:47 PM
Hi, My name is Fred Berryman, I own Butokukai Xteme Books and Videos. My Ex father-in-law is Everett Moore. He is the original founder and the first publisher if SWAT MAGAZINE. When he sold the magazine in the early 90s I inherited all of the remaining back issues. The price for each is $3.00 This is a great opportunity for everyone to complete their collection of this great magazine.

This is what I have left, I will list the month and year:

Swat Specials- Sub Guns and Full Auto games, Swat Knife Special, and maybe others I don't remember.
I also have about 6 different issues of Firepower Magazine left.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not know what articles are covered in each issue.

Anyone who wishes to complete their SWAT MAGAZINE collection please contact me.