View Full Version : Remington 870 SPS-t Thumbhole

May 26, 2005, 09:13 PM
Sold my old express, since I got a good offer on it from a friend who is just starting hunting. This gives me an excuse to buy a new shotgun. I want a shotgun that can work in as many (shotgun)scenarios as possible. I want a gun that can be used both with slugs and regular shot, that would work both for hunting and HD. What I want is a shotgun that I only need different chokes for, not extra barrels, to use in as many roles as possible, without the hassle with extra barrels.

I saw this, and thought it was really attractive: http://www.remington.com/firearms/shotguns/870spst_thumb.htm

I know this is a special-purpouse shotgun, but it has alot of the features I considered getting as extras for my old Express, namly rifle-sights, shorter barrel while not being too short, good recoil-dampening system, pistol-grip(or, close enough).

Anyone here who has handled one of these? Any thoughts on how it would work as a general-purpose gun? How would it work for skeet-shooting(with a modified or improved cyllinder choke ofcourse) considering the rifle-sights and thumbhole stock? I have only used shotguns with ventilated ribs before, but am a quick learner, so If it isn't practicaly impossible to learn to use rifle sights instead of a vent-rib for traditional shotgun purposes, I would be willing to do the extra training if required.

May 27, 2005, 12:50 AM
Looks like an express model with a sterling thumbhole sporter...wondering why they would charge nearly 400 bucks over the regular model when you can buy the stock from Boyd's for well under a hundred...unless the camo job is worth tree hundred???