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September 30, 1999, 07:10 PM
I posted a letter a little while ago about a 9mm. for mywife. We found a couple she likes. One is a Berretta border marshall, the other is a cz75. The seller said that nothing shoots more accurately than the cz75,right out of the box, and that this would be his choice. He didn't say the Beretta was not good, just that the cz was better. If anybody knows different, please fill me in. Thanks.

El Chimango Pete
October 1, 1999, 04:01 PM
Howdy bner, welcome. I see your post is still here and not answered: It belongs in the 'Hanguns & c.' forum, you will probably get your question answered there, where could post it again - for what its worth, I have a CZ85 (same as 75) and like it very much, but don't know the Beretta well enough to give an opinion.