View Full Version : Winchest 24 for CAS?

August 15, 1999, 12:48 AM
I have located a good, clean and very early Winchester 24 SXS double bbl (1939 ser #7xx).
I am thinking of mounting a new bead and cutting the bbls to 20" and use it for CAS. I think that it is much better made than the Stoger import and has extractors only so should be legal. It appears that most of the shotguns used by CAS shooters are cylinder bore so cutting off the bbls doesn't create a problem. Any suggestions? I will pay about the same as a new Stoger and do the work myself. I have all of the equipment including a mill. Jim

Bill Mitchell
August 15, 1999, 09:49 AM
Howdy Jim,

Your assumption that most CAS doubles are cylinder bore is probably incorrect,as the majority of CAS doubles are Stoegers,and these are choked,as are the Rossi's. You probably don't need a choked gun,as a cylinder bore gun will knock down the poppers at the distances used in CAS,but on the occasional stage that has a thrown clay bird,you may be handicapped. You could always cut down your gun and then install choke tubes. And don't discount the Stoegers-they are well-made,inexpensive shotguns that are more than capable of withstanding the beating they take in CAS,as shown by the sheer numbers used in the sport.

Bellicose Bill

Joe the Redneck
September 1, 1999, 06:28 PM
I'm just getting into this CAS thing, myself. I have an old Savage 311 that I just cut back to 21 inches. WOW, what a difference! Much easier to handle.

I'll pass along what I learned about cutting the barrel. I used a brand new blade (24 teeth per inch) and I sprayed the blade w/ wd40 while I cut. Like a hot knife through butter. As to measuring the barrel, I just used the 2 inch wide masking tape. 3 pieces equals 6 inches.

Now I gotta put in a new bead. Before I drill and tap, I'm going to try JB Weld and a bb.