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August 7, 1999, 10:05 PM
What is a good cowboy shotgun. Any info, web sites would be appreciated. What I hear is an 1897 is what the top shooters use but I can't find any in good enough condition to spend money on. I've kind decided a new double barrel is what I'm going to settle on for now but I can't find any on-line info. I while back I foud some web site with a cowboy sxs but now I can't seem to get back to it. Any info that can be offered up would be helpful. Thanks!

Bill Mitchell
August 8, 1999, 12:49 PM
Howdy TMC,

A lot of Cowboy Shooters,including myself,use Stoeger IGA double barrelled shotguns. They come in different lengths,but the 20" Coachgun is by far the most popular. These are solid,well made guns that usually sell for around $300. Also,folks use older doubles such as Stevens and Parker shotguns,which can be had for around $250,depending on condition. I searched for a Stoeger WWW site,but didn't have any luck. A good way to see all of the different types of guns is to go to a shoot in your area. When you see something that interests you,just ask the owner about. It's the rare shooter that doesn't like to talk about his guns :)

Bellicose Bill

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August 21, 1999, 02:19 AM
Had a nice talk with the owner of a western mercantile shop for SASS shooters in Moreno Valley Ca yesterday. He guessed that most of the reasonably priced 97's require up to $600 to get into shape. Also indicated that some 97 users wind up with 2-3-4 97's, one to shoot the others for parts. I wasn't really interested in a 97, but that convinced me to get a Stoger, which I did today. They can't be too bad with the number of user they have? I thought that I had bought an early (1939) Winchester 24 SXS and was going to cut the bbls, but it fell through so I went with the Stoger. Bullmoose

colt 3840
August 23, 1999, 05:19 PM
Howdy all the Stoger is a great gun i have been using one since 1992. The only thing i have done is hone the chamber and replaced the wood on the forearm.

Derringer Dick
SASS 1495

Arizona Eric
August 23, 1999, 09:47 PM
An old Stevens 311 will do ya right. Compared to my Blackhawks and my Rossi 92, it's the only gun I have that looks "truly" authentic! Cool double triggers too. Just remember to take the safety off before ya pull 'em.