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August 21, 1999, 02:09 AM
I get my new Stoger SXS on the 31st (10 day wait here in CA). Wonder about working on it to get the action to open easier and the shells to fall out better. I know that I can use fine emory on a drill mandrel in the chambers just to smooth them up, I don't think that you really want to remove any material. Is it possible to speed up the break in on the action by applying a little Clover compound to everything that rubs and work it smoother or do you really have to know what you are doing and stone the correct contact points? Totally off base or? I would probably use a little 400 grit first, clean it out and go to 600 grit and maybe even 800 if it felt like it was working. Crazy or good idea? Bullmoose

Bill Mitchell
August 22, 1999, 02:24 PM

You can smooth up the opening of your Stoeger in a few ways. One is to use a lapping compound where the gun hinges. Also,the lever spring can be lightened by cutting a coil or two off,or by putting in a lighter spring,which is the best option. The chambers can be honed to allow the shells to slip out easier. Brownell's sells a honing kit that attaches to a handheld drill. I had a gunsmith who specializes in CAS guns tune up my Stoeger,and he did a great job,but it could be done by someone with minor gunsmithing experience and the proper tools.

Bellicose Bill

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