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August 15, 1999, 12:39 AM
I am new to cowboy action shooting and just getting my guns but I am to the point of needing a cart. There seems to be some question about approved cart designs. The rules indicate that the guns are to be carried with the muzzles up so you do not sweep anyone with the muzzle. I now hear that the 'golf cart' type of gun cart is not going to be allowed with the muzzles up because when it is pulled the muzzles tend to sweep someone standing close to the person pulling the cart and particular right at puller. I also hear that carts that carry the guns horizontally are not legal anymore. Is it ok then to carry the long guns muzzle down in the 'golf cart' type carts? Thanks, Jim

Bill Mitchell
August 15, 1999, 09:33 AM
Howdy Jim,

As your post made clear,there is a real gray area as to what is and isn't allowed as far as gun carts go. It's almost impossible to make a cart that doesn't cause the guns to sweep someone as it's pulled around,even if that someone is you. The best designs for keeping guns verticle all of the time are built on wagons,and thus don't have to be tilted in order to move them. But,you have to be able to transport such a cart,which I,and other folks,can't do. My cart keeps the guns upright when it's sitting still,and it's not so tall that I have to really tip it to roll it,so the only person being swept is me. Golf carts,by their very design,tip quite a bit forward even before they are pulled,so they probably aren't the best choice for a cart,though I used a golf cart when I first started out.

If you can,just build or acquire a cart that keeps the guns verticle when it is sitting still,and you should be OK.

Bellicose Bill