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July 18, 1999, 01:11 AM
I am brand new to the sport, in fact have only joined SASS and have not yet fired my first stage. I traded for a couple of 357 Super Blackhawks because they 'were there' (I am 65 so the sights don't matter). Got a great price on a good rig from another friend. Now I am contemplating a rifle and considering the Marlin Cowboy II in 357 as a good deal for the money. Seems they shoot good and don't break much and the Cowboy with the 24" octagon bbl is at least more classic than my Super Blackhawks in stainless. A friend has the Uberti 73, but I really don't want to spend that much as it appears to be a little pricey. The questions: What is a good price for the Marlin (I have heard that they are available for around $500 on sale?) and is it a good all around choice? I am a little leery of the Rossi and do not have much faith in the Winchesters with the cast cartridge lifters that are reputed to break way too often as well as some other concerns (any real basis for this?). Thanks
and good shooting, Jim

Bill Mitchell
July 18, 1999, 02:02 PM
Howdy Jim,

Welcome to CAS!

The Marlin as a fantastic rifle. I have a Rossi 92 and a Marlin Cowboy in .45 Colt,and I always shoot the Marlin in matches. It is a good,smooth gun out of the box,and and an absolute dream with an action job. I paid about $460 for mine a year ago,so you should be able to find it for under $500.

Buy the Marlin-you won't regret it.

Bellicose Bill

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